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Shrub Removal Service In Warwick, Rhode Island

The humid and seasonally warm weather in Warwick, Rhode Island is terrific for shrubs to grow and thrive in. But, they are also difficult to remove.

Instead of potentially hurting or tiring yourself out trying to remove unwanted or overgrown shrubbery, have our trained and pro arborists perform the tough task. Leaving it to yourself or to amateur tree service workers is risky, as they can accidentally skip key roots during the removal process. We, however, will always perform our shrub removal service right and without mistakes at all times!

Warwick’s Shrub Removal Experts

So if your shrubs have grown too large and you don’t want them anymore, then have our certified tree experts remove them using the most current equipment in the business! After the shrubs and their root systems are gone, our certified arborists will clean up any remaining debris, fill in any holes in your landscape and plant a brand new shrub in place of the old one, at your request.

Our office workers can be reached by e-mailing warwick@premieretreeservices.com, calling (401) 889-2339, or by filling out the form on the right side of the website.

Operating services are located in Warwick, as well as in neighboring areas, including: Barrington, Woonsocket, Newport, Providence, Pawtucket, Kingston, Greenville, Cranston, Bristol and Lincoln.


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