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Newport, RI Tree Removal Service
Newport Tree Removal
100% free cost estimate for tree removal and all of our other tree services!
Land Clearing Service in Newport, RI
Newport Land Clearing
We fearlessly clear out lots of any size safely, efficiently and in timely fashion.
Tree Trimming Service in Barrington, RI
Newport Tree Trimming
Dangerous branches are gone with our tree trimming pros on the job!
Stump Removal in Newport, RI
Newport Stump Removal
Ugly and dangerous tree stumps can be soundly removed from your property with our top and fully trained tree technicians.
Newport, RI Tree Planting Professionals
Newport Tree Planting
Our pro arborists gladly plant new, beautiful trees on your property!
Tree Spraying in Newport, RI
Newport Tree Spraying
Proper and careful tree care ensures your tree will enjoy a long life! Have our professional arborists map out a tree spraying plan for you to use on a regular basis.

Newport’s #1 Tree Company

Newport has in us the most efficient and flexible tree service company in the area. With both residential and commercial tree services available to individuals and business owners alike, we have been extremely successful in professionally renovating or removing unhealthy or unwanted trees and plants.

Our fully licensed and insured arborists are prideful in the hard work they do, and are glad to do so at a cost that won’t bust your budget! Some of the tree services offered to Newport’s residents include but are not limited to:

You may need us for a short-term or long-term assignment, which is no problem for us! We take pride in getting whatever project you sign up for done safely, efficiently and on time (because time is precious).

Our Newport tree service employees also believe in communicating with its clients throughout a project’s duration and once on the job, pay great attention to the tiniest of details. Doing so is not only the right thing to do as professionals, it prevents potentially disastrous results!

We proudly serve Newport zip codes 02840 and 02841, as well as in neighboring area zip codes, including: 02818, 02886, 02887, 02888, 02889, 02895, 02901-02912, 02918, 02919, 02940, 02860-02862, 02802, 02838 and 02865.

Our office workers can be reached by e-mailing, calling (401) 889-2339, or by filling out the form on the right side of the website.

Operating services are located in Newport, RI, the greater Warwick area, as well as in neighboring areas, including: Barrington, Woonsocket, Providence, Pawtucket, Kingston, Greenville, Cranston, Bristol and Lincoln.